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Stata wishlist: More wishes

From   "Renzo Comolli" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   Stata wishlist: More wishes
Date   Fri, 10 Oct 2003 12:11:57 -0400


My wishlist. No more than a wishlist. Some wishes are huge, some are tiny,
some are really important (to me), some are just "time savers" and
workaround already exist, but they are time consuming.

1. I support the suggestion of more undo levels in the Stata do-file editor

2. better output formatting, in publisheable or quasi-publisheable format.
Big wish. I know there is outreg, reformat, parmest... As I said in previous
posts, my wish is for a quantum leap in this area

3. several levels of nested log files (at least two levels).

4. More consistency between the description in the GUI and the command. I
understand that the GUI is meant for "uninitiated" people. I thoroughly
support the concept that the GUI should be understandable to people who know
statistics, but do not know Stata commands. Nonetheless, it gets confusing
when an intemediate user like me, looks for something (there are times in
which I just don't want to "experiment"). Perhaps a solution is to have next
to each option the "?" button (I mean that RECTANGULAR button that Stata
already has next to some option", NOT the round black button in the bottom
left corner). Or maybe, even better, the "?" could be at the bottom of each

5. puring color into the Brows window, rows, columns and what Excel calls
"conditional formatting
Proposed syntax 
. browse varlist [if] [in] [, color1(RGB, varlist [if] [in]) color2(RGB,
varlist [if] [in])] 

6. A Find button for the Review window

7. A Find button for the Variable window

8. nofloat options for review and variable window for Windows (I know that
there are challenges, I remember the discussion when Stata8 was released,
but as said this is a wishlist)

9. the possibility of saving two different windowing preference (say for two
users, althoug I would use it for a different reason: to toggle between my
usual arrangement and a "browse" arrangement)

10. A command (I know we have a button, but I would like a command to put
into do and ado files)
. window manage close {review | variables}

11. second syntax for -move-
. move varname, {top, bottom}

12. a new type of -set more-
. set more off_unless_the_command_is_help, premanently
I wrote I tiny/trivial ado file to work around this called -mhelp- that
replicates this behavior, if anybody wants it.

13. the possibility of adding your own notes to the help files

14. shipping university copies with scheduled -update all- by default (or at
least easy to enable) programmed in a way that if the scheduler is the
administrator, the update automatically has administrator's privilegies.

15. A do_to_bottom button and/or key shortcut !!!!!

16. A doedit option from the file menue

I think it's enough wishes, for today :)


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