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st: Re: Length of lines with -translate- and -log2html-

From   [email protected] (Alan Riley)
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Re: Length of lines with -translate- and -log2html-
Date   Thu, 02 Oct 2003 11:03:17 -0500

Friedrich Huebler ([email protected]) asked about
long lines in SMCL being broken into short lines by
-translate- (an official Stata command) and -log2html-
(a user-written command):
> Is it possible to translate an SMCL log file to a text or HTML file
> without breaking long lines?
> With -set linesize 150- wide tables can be saved without line breaks
> in log files, both in text and SMCL format. When an SMCL log file is
> converted to a text or HTML file (with -translate- or -log2html-) the
> linesize is limited to 80 characters and the tables are broken. I
> tried smcl2log and smcl2txt as translator with -translate- and also
> tried -do2htm- as an alternative to -log2html-, but long lines are
> always broken.

-translate- accepts various "override options" for any given
translator.  The supported override options may be seen by typing

   . translator query <translator_name>

For the 'smcl2log' and 'smcl2txt' translators, -translator query-
shows that there is a "linesize" setting.  Thus,

   . translate test.smcl test.txt, linesize(150)

will override the default setting of 79 for the linesize.

Nick Cox ([email protected]) wrote, about -log2html-
> In this respect, and indeed others, -log2html- is merely 
> a wrapper for -log html-. 
> What you are asking, in effect, is that -log html- _not_ 
> split such lines. That's for Stata Corp... 

-log html- is an undocumented command which translates a file
from SMCL to HTML format.  This undocumented command has an
undocumented option, "ll(#)" where # will set the width in
characters of rendered HTML lines.  # should be in the range
[40, 255].

Perhaps -log2html- could be modified to accept a -linesize()-
option (to more closely match the line length option for -translate-)
which value, if specified, could be passed to the -ll()- option of
-log html-.

([email protected])
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