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st: RE: RE: stata8 woes

From   "Ronnie Babigumira" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: RE: stata8 woes
Date   Wed, 1 Oct 2003 17:58:01 +0200

Hi Branko, incase the first part of ur question has not been solved, then
under the graph preferences , clipboard, select windows metafile. I had a
similar problem following a recent update of winxp, suddenly I could not
copy and paste graphs but this did it for me

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Subject: st: RE: stata8 woes


>   Two questions re. Stata8 that I have just started using.
>       1. Did anyone have a problem copying things from and
> to, e.g. I can
> seamlessly copy a graph from Stata7 into Word, but I could
> not do so in Stata8.
> I cannot believe that it cannot be done--so there must be
> some new trick how it
> is done. (With Stata7 you do it simply with "copy" and
> "paste" commands").

No new trick that I've heard of. Just worked for me.

>       2. When I did time-seting (tsset  year)  I get
> message "repeated time
> value in sample" . What does it mean? Obviously, they are
> repeated because a
> bunch of data are from the same year, it is a panel, but
> Stata must mean
> somewthing else. What?

You must tell it the panel id as well. e.g.

. tsset id year

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