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st: datetimetags

From   "Harriet E. Griesinger" <>
Subject   st: datetimetags
Date   Mon, 28 Jul 2003 09:44:21 -0400

These ados have been the greatest help for the least work that I have ever

They are especially good for keeping in order zillions of versions of
development files
by renaming the input(s), the output(s), the log file & the .do file  ALL 
with datetime tags.  
In the directory I can tell which is which,  Also any file with a Windows
NOT matching the filename timetag has likely been modified. Here is how
they work together.  
The local jobname is usually the name of the dofile.  The do file begins:

cap log close
local jobname "d5y_se"		
log using `jobname', replace
	<after a bazillion comments explaining who calls whom etc>
	<then set-ups, work & intermediate saves along the way>
qui save t_`cal6'sd_$datetag$hrmintag
save `cal6'sd_$datetag$hrmintag
cap erase t_`cal6'sd_$datetag$hrmintag
	<at the END>
!copy `jobname'.do tempdo
!rename tempdo `jobname'_"$datetag""$hrmintag".do
log close
!rename `jobname'.log `jobname'_"$datetag""$hrmintag".log

I 'm missing, I keep an eye out for it.  
I found my papers from the 2001 NASUG & attached them too. So, for example,
if your jobname is datetimetag, you can get this in your directory:

Questions?  My work involves buiulding many different administrative files
into analytic panels, thus a lot of time & date conversions. Out of
curiosity, where did you see a pdf?  Harriet writes:
I saw the pdf regarding your ado file for datetime tags, and was planning
to convert into linux.
Do you still have the files? 
If not, I can extract them from your pdf, but I thought I'd ask.
best,  Avery Ke
Economics Grad Student
University of Washington

Harriet E. Griesinger       (617) 864-1968

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