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Re: st: commands including a dialog box

From (Jean Marie Linhart, StataCorp.)
Subject   Re: st: commands including a dialog box
Date   Wed, 23 Jul 2003 14:38:11 -0500

At 10:31 23/07/03 -0700, Julio Estevez wrote:
>Is there any way I can list all the commands in stata
>that currently work using a dialog box?

And Roger Newson replied: 

> You don't tell me what operating environment you are using. However,
> most operating environments allow the user to list all files with
> the .dlg extension, which Stata uses for dialog box files. For
> instance, in Windows 98, I might get into Windows Explorer, find the
> file c:\stata8\ado, and use the menu sequence
> Tools->Find->Files and folders
> to list all files *.dlg in all subfolders of c:\stata8\ado, where the 
> dialog box files are kept (along with the ado-files).
> This will find the official Stata dialog box files. If you think you may 
> have installed unofficial Stata commands with dialog boxes, then carry out 
> the same search in your personal Stata ado-files folder, which, in Windows, 
> is usually called c:\ado or something similar.

This is the only way I came up to do this as well.  I'd like to note
that there are over 600 dialogs in Stata (whew!).  Sometimes one
command will have several dialogs, e.g. for graphics, where we had to
make different versions for the Windows 98 operating systems, or in
cases like the -cii- command where we had more than one syntax to deal

--Jean Marie
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