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Re: st: How to test for Fixed Effect after "areg"

From   Joseph Coveney <>
To   Statalist <>
Subject   Re: st: How to test for Fixed Effect after "areg"
Date   Mon, 21 Jul 2003 14:37:05 +0900

Jayesh Kumar wrote:

---------------------begin excerpt from posting---------------------------------

As I want to test whether the Fixed Effect, is at all needed verses OLS?
I am using firm level data to analyze firm's performance.

My equation is something like:

Y_it= (X1_it + X2_it + X3_it + ...+ X9_it) + (Z1_it + Z2_it + Z3_it +Z4_it) + 

where X's and Z's both are firm specific variables.

-----------------------end excerpt from posting---------------------------------

Use the same approach as for the ealier illustration: -test- X's Z's together.  
You can also use likelihood-ratio tests, dropping both sets of the predictors 
at once from the model that contains them.  I've illustrated both below by 
slightly modifying the previous illustration do-file to recast the between-
subjects predictors, ind1 and ind2, to within-subjects predictors, x1d through 
x9d and z1d through z4d.

For the illustration, I'm assuming that Jayesh is referring to a panel dataset 
(modeled with two error terms, u_i and e_it) of 2000 companies evaluated at 
each of 15 intervals with two sets (X1 through X9 and Z1 through Z4) of time-
varying covariates.  For brevity here, the initial model isn't the default one 
that is typical for a blind or naive model-building exercise or hypothesis-
testing exercise, that is, fully saturated with two- and three-way interactions 
of covariates and time.

Joseph Coveney

------------------------begin illustration do-file------------------------------

set seed 20030720
set obs 15
set more off
forvalues i = 1/15 {
generate float a`i' = 0.7
    quietly replace a`i' = 1 in `i'
mkmat a*, matrix(A)
local means "100"
local sd "15"
local dep "dep1"
forvalues i = 2/15 {
    local means = "`means'" + ", 100"
    local sd = "`sd'" + ", 15"
    local dep = "`dep'" + " dep`i'"
drawnorm "`dep'", n(2000) means("`means'") /*
  */ sd("`sd'") corr(A) clear
matrix drop A
generate int rid = _n
reshape long dep, i(rid) j(tim)
forvalues i = 1/9 {
    generate byte x`i'd = uniform() >= 0.5
forvalues i = 1/4 {
    generate byte z`i'd = uniform() >= 0.5
xi: xtreg dep x*d z*d i.tim, i(rid) fe
* Testing each alone
test x1d x2d x3d x4d x5d x6d x7d x8d x9d
test z1d z2d z3d z4d
* Testing both together
test x1d x2d x3d x4d x5d x6d x7d x8d x9d, notest
test z1d z2d z3d z4d, accumulate
* Likelihood-ratio tests (using -xtreg , mle-)
xi: xtreg dep x*d z*d i.tim, i(rid) mle nolog
estimates store A
xi: xtreg dep x*d i.tim, i(rid) mle nolog
estimates store B
xi: xtreg dep z*d i.tim, i(rid) mle nolog
estimates store C
xi: xtreg dep i.tim, i(rid) mle nolog
estimates store D
* Testing Z's
lrtest A B, stats
* Testing X's
lrtest A C, stats
* Testing both
lrtest A D, stats

--------------------------end illustration do-file------------------------------

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