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Re: st: stata journal

From (Jeff Pitblado, Stata Corp.)
Subject   Re: st: stata journal
Date   Mon, 14 Jul 2003 09:51:22 -0500

Alfonso Miranda Caso Luengo <> asks
about using the Stata Journal LaTeX file with MiKTeX:

> I hope somebody can help me with the SW3.0 issue (Many thanks to Nick for
> his rapid response!) Meanwhile I am trying to learn how to use the SJ style
> using MikTex. I installed MikTex in my computer and the program seems to run
> ok. However, when compiling the example given (main.tex) I am experiencing
> some problems. First, I am getting some warnings from natbib and the
> bibliography items are not displayed correctly in the dvi file instead the
> usual ? mark is displayed in any bibliography entry. Second, the example
> figure is not displayed properly. 

> I am not a tex expert and I will appreciate any help on this matter. I
> include part of the output (at the prompt) that I am obtaining. 

JAYESH KUMAR <> replied with

> As in any tex compilation it is required that after running the source file
> (.tex file), you run the bibtex once and then run the tex file twice to get
> the final output with correctly displaced bibliography.

> For example:
> step 1: latex main
> step 2: bibtex main
> step 3: latex main
> step 4: latex main

In order for the above instructions to work, you must change the following
line in main.tex from





\include{readme} in main.tex will (among other things) cause LaTeX to create
readme.aux, and put the bibliographic information in there instead of

\input{readme} in main.tex will only cause LaTeX to input the contents of
readme.tex for its consumption.

When you run

	bibtex main
BibTeX will look at the bibliographic instructions in main.aux, and modify
main.aux accordingly so that the next LaTeX run will pick up the needed
information to build the bibliography section.

This is the reason why the instructions for the Stata Journal latex files at

give the following steps:

	latex main
	bibtex readme
	latex main
	latex main

The above change I suggest, using \input{} instead of \include{} will cause
LaTeX to put the bibliographic information in main.aux instead of readme.aux.

Scientific Word 3.0

Porting the Stata Journal document class to Scientific Word should not be
difficult, however we found it to be so.  One of the problems with Scientific
Word (and Workplace) arises from how they implement their extensions.  They
appear to place all calls to specialty macros in comments (something easily
overcome), and we could not find the LaTeX source needed in order to perform a
standard LaTeX run (for example, using MiKTeX).

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