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st: bootstrapping survey data

From   doug levy <>
Subject   st: bootstrapping survey data
Date   Thu, 10 Jul 2003 13:40:48 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Statalisters,
I am trying to get bootstrapped estimates of
coefficients from a complex survey (the National
Health Interview Survey). To get standard estimates, I
would type "svylogit Y X" after having set up the
weights, strata, and psu's. To get bootstrap
estimates, my first inclination was to run 'bootstrap
"logit Y X [pw=weight]" _b, reps(1000) strata(stratum)
psu(psu)'. However, Stata does not allow weights in
bootstrap. I was able to trick Stata into including
weights by using only the weights in the svyset
command and running 'bootstrap "svylogit Y X" _b,
reps(1000) strata(stratum) psu(psu)'. This gives me
point estimates similar to the non-bootstrapped
estimates, which is reassuring, but will I get
reasonable standard errors? Is there a more orthodox
way of coding this? 
Many thanks for any and all advice,
Doug Levy

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