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st: metadialog package

From   "Steichen, Thomas" <>
To   "StataList" <>
Subject   st: metadialog package
Date   Tue, 8 Jul 2003 14:25:00 -0400

Package metadialog has been installed on the SSC archives.

metadialog provides Stata dialog boxes for the publicly
available meta-analysis commands.  Dialog boxes were introduced 
in Stata version 8, so this package is useful only if you have 
installed that version. 

The package also provides the commands needed to create a 
Meta-Analysis sub-menu on the StataCorp-defined User menu.

You may choose not to create the menu and, instead, run the 
dialogs directly from the Stata8 command line via the db name 
command.  If so,

command...    runs...          description...
db meta       meta 2.02        Meta-analysis of Effects
db metan      metan 1.74       Meta-analysis of Binary and Continuous
db metap      metap 2.0.0      Meta-analysis of p-values
db metareg    metareg 1.06     Meta-analysis Regression
db metacum    metacum 1.02     Cumulative Meta-analysis
db funnel     funnel 1.04      Metan-based Funnel Graph (original)
db funnel2    funnel2 1.051    Funnel Graph (funnel, vars reordered)
db labbe      labbe 1.21       Metan-based L'abbe Graph
db metannt    metannt 1.0      Metan-based NNT
db metaninf   metaninf 1.0.1   Metan-based Influence Analysis
db metainf    metainf 3.0.0    Meta-based Influence Analysis
db galbr      galbr 2.0        Galbraith Plot for Heterogeneity
db metabias   metabias 1.2.2   Publication Bias in Meta-analysis
db metatrim   metatrim 1.0.5   Trim and Fill Analysis

The dialogs were written for a specific version of each program file, 
as listed above.  If you do not have this version installed, you 
should obtain that version before using the related dialog. 

You can install the metadialog package from within Stata8 by use of
the -net install metadialog- command.  The commands needed to create  
a Meta-analysis menu are documented in help file meta_dialog.hlp, 
which is installed with the dialogs.

Please note that an earlier version of this package was silently
installed on the SSC archives about two months ago.  Since then, a 
number of meta-analysis programs have been changed, a few minor bugs 
were fixed in some of the dialogs, and all dialogs were modified to 
provide a consistent format.  If you installed the earlier version 
you should reinstall the new package, replacing any files previously

Tom Steichen

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