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st: multiply two data sets

From   Natalie Karavarsamis <>
To   "''" <>
Subject   st: multiply two data sets
Date   Tue, 24 Jun 2003 15:51:15 +1000

Hello all,

I have two data sets; a data file, call this A, which is 41000 rows x 130
columns, and another file,call this B, 130 rows by 50 columns.

I want to multiply A and B (C=AxB). It would be ideal to treat A and B as
matrices and use matrix multiplication but the maximum matrix size is 11000
x 11000 (we run Stata 7.0 SE). Is there a way around this? If not, are there
any suggestions of how else to do this? I don't want to cut matrix A (or B)
into smaller data sets (matrices).  

Thanks in advance

Natalie Karavarsamis

Cancer Epidemiology Centre
The Cancer Council Victoria
100 Drummond Street
Carlton VIC 3053
ph: (03) 9635 5159
fax: (03) 9635 5330
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