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st: Analysis of proportion as the dependant variable

From   "Drora Fraser" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Analysis of proportion as the dependant variable
Date   Sun, 22 Jun 2003 13:57:25 +0200

We have data on proportion of children stunted at age 1 from 13
locations, for each of 3 years for boys and girls.
We wish to examine the association between stnting and hospitalization,
at the level of the location, contrlling for year, sex and other
Which of the 3 is the correct analysis: 1. multivariable regression, 2.
XT-GEE regression with (group variable=location, link=log,
family=poisson) 3. Poisson regression.
We would appreciate an answer or a link to anyone who might be able to
help us.

Drora Fraser
Ben-Gurion University

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