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Re: st: histogram title

From (Derek Wagner, Stata Corp)
Subject   Re: st: histogram title
Date   Fri, 20 Jun 2003 12:59:24 -0500

Sarah Mustillo <> wrote:

> I am trying to learn how to use the new graphing features in version 8, 
> with some difficulty.  Right now I am trying to title a twoway histogram 
> with the by() option.  Because I am using the by() option, I get several 
> separate histograms instead of one.  When I use the title() option, it 
> titles each histogram separately. I am wondering if there is a way to 
> just have one title spanning the top of the page, instead of a title for 
> each one, but I cannot find an example of this in the manual.

> Also, as long as I am posting, how do you remove the text line that 
> appears in the bottom left, stating the by() variables (e.g., "graphs 
> by race and sex")?

Using the Graphics\Histogram menu, you can add a title to the entire graph
(instead of the individual graphs) in the "By" tab of the Histogram 
Dialogue.  First, click on the Graphics menu and select Histogram.  Then
select the "By" tab and look for the "Title/ Subtitle/ Caption/ Note" 
section of the dialogue box.  The title that you enter in the "Title:" 
box will show up as the overall title of your histogram.  

You can also get rid of the note in the bottom left-hand corner of the 
graph in the same manner.  Instead of "Title", select "Note" from the 
selection box and place "" in the "Note:" field.  This will replace the 
defaul note with an empty string.  Your resulting command will look 
something like the following:

	.  histogram x, by(y , title(My Overall Title) note(""))

Derek Wagner

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