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st: RE: Re: Repeated Measurements

From   BISSERY Alvine <>
Subject   st: RE: Re: Repeated Measurements
Date   Fri, 20 Jun 2003 17:13:45 +0200

Dear Janet, 

If I understand your problem, you have 50 patients, and each is measured six
times: 4 times with method 1 and 2 times for method 2.
If you want to know if the two methods agree, you have to use Bland & Altman
method for repeated measurements.
You will find this method in 

Bland M., Altman D. "Measuring agreement in method comparison studies" .
Statistical Methods in Medical Research 1999;8:135-160

Anova will not help you to test agreement.

Hope this helps.

Alvine Bissery

-----Message d'origine-----
De: Janet Oliver []
Date: vendredi 20 juin 2003 15:26
Objet: st: Re: Repeated Measurements

I have 4 repeat measurements on a variable 2 using method 1 and 2 using 
method 2 over 50 patients. I was going to take mean values and then use 
either Lin's concordance or Bland-Altman to compare them. However it strikes

me that I might be losing information doing this and that using repeated 
measures anova might be more useful. Unfortunately I cannot work out the 
correct syntax.

anova sn pat x, repeated(x) does not take into account that the values 1 & 2

of x refer to method 1 and 3,4 refer to method 2.

I would be grateful for some advice on the syntax - or the appropriateness 
of this approach.

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