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st: episode data in st format

From   "akrivelyova" <>
Subject   st: episode data in st format
Date   Wed, 18 Jun 2003 13:29:43 -0000

        Hi everybody,

        I would really appreciate any help with this. I have
        never used survival analysis in stata before. I think
        that I understand what the data should look like, but
        I am not sure how to adapt the data that I have to
        that format.

        I have a data set that consists of the records of
        medical services recieved over a period of time:
        ID service begin end
        1 outpatient 03/10/99 03/10/99
        1 inpatient 04/15/99 04/27/99
        1 inpatient 07/14/99 07/20/99
        1 outpatient 09/03/99 09/03/99
        2 inpatient 06/12/99 07/01/99
        2 outpatient 10/17/99 10/17/99
        2 outpatient 12/23/99 12/23/99

        I am only interested in the timing of inpatient
        hospitalization (in and out of hospital spells), but
        the dates of outpatient services give me info on when
        the observed period starts and ends for each person.

        My question is how do I tsset this data?

        Thanks a lot,

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