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st: RE: Stata 8 graphics

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Stata 8 graphics
Date   Tue, 17 Jun 2003 16:37:57 +0100

R. Allan Reese
> I have some bad news and good news:
> Under Stata 7 you could (still can) draw any self-designed 
> plot using the
> gph commands starting with a blank screen.  That system 
> seems to have been
> abandoned - you have to start from a basic graph type.  I 
> mention this
> because of a couple of recent requests could have been met 
> by writing a
> program of gph calls.

The bad news is not really news, and in 
a sense not correct either. Various 
postings on Statalist have touched on this over the last 
few months. 

Underneath what you see documented in [G] 
in 8 are various levels of graphics. Call what 
is visible now the "upper level" and call
what is below and -- roughly -- equivalent 
to -gph- the "middle level". There are lower 
levels therefore. 

We have been assured that the middle level will 
be documented for user-programmers in due course. 

My own guess from the runes is that this will 
be done before the sixth Harry Potter book appears. 
It is in the plans, however. 


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