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st: test for trend from table data?

From   "Copeland, Laurel" <>
Subject   st: test for trend from table data?
Date   Mon, 16 Jun 2003 07:59:30 -0500

A pharmacist asked me if I could do a test for trend over time from this

Year	Pharm	Clin
1997	400	44
1998	221	54
1999	187	69
2000	123	63
2001	74	42
2002	145	149

The table represents the number of reports of adverse events made by
pharmacists (Pharm) and by clinicians (Clin), respectively.  She observes
that the number of reports declined until 2002 (there was an intervention at
the beginning of 2002), and that the proportion of reports made by
pharmacists seems to dwindle.  She wants a test statistic for either of
these observations.

Do I need to -expand- by pharm and clin? Or is there an immediate test that
might work?  I am having trouble seeing how to approach this.

All ideas are welcome!

Thank you,

Laurel A Copeland, PhD
VA Ann Arbor Health System
(734) 769-7100 x6206

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