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st: Sample Size foir Conditional Logistic Regression

From   "Howard Alper" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Sample Size foir Conditional Logistic Regression
Date   Tue, 10 Jun 2003 16:59:53 -0400


  This is not a Stata question per se, but perhaps someone on the list
could provide some information.

  I'm analyzing a matched-pair case-control study, and I'm performing
some conditional logistic regressions (clr). I'm interested in
power/sample size calculations, specifically post-hoc.  If I were
interested only in a single binary covariate, I could calculate power/ss
from the formula derived from McNemar's approach.  But in the clrs, I
have as many as 4 predictors, some continuous, some categorical.  Does
anyone know of an approach for calculating power/ss for clr in
situations like these?  Any references or code, etc, is of interest. 

  Howard Alper

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