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st: Can't update executable on Mac OS X

From   Matthew Leibowitz <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Can't update executable on Mac OS X
Date   Fri, 06 Jun 2003 20:38:06 -0700

I just upgraded to Stata SE 8.0 for Mac born 24 April 03, using 10.2.6.

I saw the problem with -update swap- if my Stata Data folder in ~/Documents
was the startup folder, and this problem went away when I opened Stata from
/Applications/Stata. However, when I the typed -update swap-, I get an error

Unable to rename /Applications/Stata/StataSE to

Permissions seem correct and I am logged in as an administrator.

Furthermore, if I just take the .bin off the new executable, it won't
launch, briefly flashing in the Dock and then quitting.

Any ideas, or do I just wait for the next executable?

Matt Leibowitz

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