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st: graphing and shading

From   "John D. Levendis" <>
To   statalist <>
Subject   st: graphing and shading
Date   Mon, 2 Jun 2003 21:28:22 -0500

Hi everyone,

I've got a quation regarding the new graphing facilities in STATA8.

Lets say I've got some GDP data over time. Stata provides a means whereby I can 
demarcate a year using xline. Thus, I could show the great depression as the 
area between two vertical lines:
- twoway connected gdp time, xline(1929 1945)

But lets say that I'd like to shade the area between two years (useful if I 
want to have a bunch of intervals indicating time of recession. Is there a way 
to do this in STATA?



John D. Levendis
W210 Pappajohn Bus. Bldg
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242
Can you immagine being from Oz
and moving to Kansas?!

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