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st: ranking!!

From   "Rajiv Mallick" <>
Subject   st: ranking!!
Date   Mon, 02 Jun 2003 17:07:35 -0500

I am looking for some suggestion on how to create a ranking scheme when one has a following scenario. Whatever suggestion you may have will be helpful.


Say I have 6 objects " a b c d e f ". then i have rankings of their bilateral relationships

a - b
a - c
a - d
a - e
a - f


b - c
b - d
b - e
b - f

and so on.

In effect I have 5 rankings for each of a through f. [Though, it may appear that there are
5 rankings for "a" and 4 for "b".....]. They are bilateral. But I want to create a multilateral rank that summerizes say "a's" ranking over the rest, and "b's" over the rest and so on.

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