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Re: st: OS X

From   David Vaughan <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: OS X
Date   Fri, 25 Apr 2003 10:03:37 +1000

On Thursday, Apr 24, 2003, at 16:33 Australia/Sydney, David Airey <[email protected]> wrote:

For those very few OS X Stata users who also use Data Desk for EDA
purposes (I seem to also remember someone saying they enjoyed used a
combination of JMP and Stata), there is now a working (carbon) beta for
OS X (simply a port or DD v6) at the Data Desk site.
Impatient with lack of a new Data Desk I purchased Stata, on my own account, earlier this year. I am delighted with its power, speed[not graphics], documentation and the commentary on this list. However, I have downloaded the OS X version of DD because it still allows me almost instantaneous graphing for consideration of the data before I commit my rather less-than-professorial statistical knowledge to the task. DD's graphs are not publication quality but they are quick, easy, and lie around in multiple windows as desired, while selection of data point(s) in one window highlights the same points in others. Perhaps this is a direction Stata will not go but I would love to have that EDA interface as a direct adjunct to Stata's wonderful capability. So, I just open data sets in both.


- -Dave
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