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st: inequal7 and beyond

From   "Moon Joong" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: inequal7 and beyond
Date   Thu, 24 Apr 2003 18:56:44 -0400

Dear Stata lovers,

Hi. I'm calculating the inequality indices using many modules like inequal2 or inequal7.

I was wondering if there is any way to generate variables that contain the resulted indices or to save the indices in a spread sheet so that I can use them later on for my regression analysis. Otherwise I should rely on a brute force(!) since I have a lot of country-year obs.

This question might be generic; in a sense the question is: how I can generate the estimated results as variables or save them in a spread sheet.

And also whenever I typed the code 'inequal7' I got an error message, saying "Obs. nos. out of range r(198)." I'm using Stata 8. But the code 'inequal2' works very well.

Thanks so much in advance!!!


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