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st: RE: multiple comparisons again

From   "FEIVESON, ALAN H. (AL) (JSC-SK) (NASA)" <[email protected]>
To   "'[email protected]'" <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: multiple comparisons again
Date   Wed, 9 Apr 2003 09:07:06 -0500


This is a rather crude program I wrote that does Scheffe pairwise
comparisons for a oneway repeated design. The calling sequence would be

schefrpm y sub treat

where  `y' is the dependent variable, `sub' is the random factor that is
repeated and `treat' is a fixed treatment factor. The model is given as a
comment in the program below. WHen you run this program you get:

1. The ANOVA output

2. A list of treatment means and est. sd's

3. A list of all pairwise comparisons with adjusted F and and P-values. For

	3  2     -0.21    0.5349

means the comparison of level 3 with level 2 of the treatment factor, the
F-value was -0.21 and the P-value was 0.5349.

4. There is a bunch of other stuff, like degrees of freedom stored in

program define schefrpm
/* Scheffe contrast tests for repeated measures design
        yij = u + ai + bej + eij
        ai = random subject effect
        bj = fixed treatment effect                          */

/* `1' is dep; `2' is subjects; `3' is treatments  */
version 5.0
anova `1' `2' `3'
scalar s2 = e(rss)/e(df_r) /* _result(4)/_result(5)  */
local df2=e(df_r)          /* _result(5)             */
qui tab `3'
scalar k = r(r)     /* number of treatments  */
local k=scalar(k)
collapse (mean) y=`1' (count) n=`1' (sd) sd=`1' ,by(`3') 

label var y "average"
format y  sd %8.2f
local i=0
while `i' < `k' {
local i=`i' + 1
local j=0
while `j' < `i'-1 {
local j=`j'+1
scal dif=y[`i']-y[`j']
scal var=s2*(1/n[`i']+1/n[`j'])
scal t2=dif*dif/var
local F=t2/(`k'-1)
local df1=`k'-1
scal F`i'`j'=`F'
scal df1`i'`j'=`df1'
scal df2`i'`j'=`df2'

scal P`i'`j' = fprob(`df1',`df2',`F')
di `i' "  " `j' "  " %8.2f dif  "  "  %8.4f P`i'`j'

Hopefully, this could be of some use to you.

AL Feiveson
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