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RE: st: Multiple tests

From   "Ronnie Babigumira" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   RE: st: Multiple tests
Date   Fri, 4 Apr 2003 15:04:25 +0200

Thanks Nick, I now rest my case. To wrap up this thread

***My problem
automating (after regress)

test avgspring = deltaspring
test avgcrsgpa = deltacrsgpa, accum
test avgfrstsem  = deltafrstsem, accum

**Ernests Solution (if spring, crsgpa and all other suffixes are in the
local i=0
foreach origvars of varlist spring crsgpa frstsem  {
          if `i'==0 test avg`origvars' = delta`origvars'
          else         test avg`origvars' = delta`origvars' , accum
          local i = `i' + 1

** Nicks solution (if not in varlist)
foreach origvars in spring crsgpa frstsem  {

We can also extract suffixes from a varlist with the same stub.

foreach v of var avg* {
	local V : subinstr local v "avg" ""
	local suff "`suff'`V' "

Now build up the tests:

local i = 0
foreach s of local suff {
	if `i++' == 0 test avg`s' = delta`s'
	else test avg`s' = delta`s', accum

Note how the incrementation of local macro i is performed in place (stata8)


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