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st: by-graph

From   Itsik Dvir <>
Subject   st: by-graph
Date   Fri, 28 Feb 2003 22:04:00 +0200

I want to make the two changes in the following by-graph command
twoway (scatter y x ) (lfit y x ) , by(group, total  )
suppose group contains three subsets of the data.
1. eliminate the fitted line in just one individual graph, while still displaying the scatter x-y data.
2. change the default title of the total graph ("Total") to say "All" .
Can anyone give an advice?
Thank you for your help.
  Itsik Dvir, D.Sc.
  Chief Signal Processing Scientist
  Itamar Medical Ltd
  2 Haeshel St. P.O. Box 3579
  Caesarea 38900, Israel
  Tel: +972-4-6177005
  Fax: +972-4-6275598

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