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st: Re: GUI

From   Kit Baum <>
Subject   st: Re: GUI
Date   Fri, 28 Feb 2003 11:52:41 -0000

I agree with Buzz Burhans that while healthy criticism is one of the clear functions of this list, we cannot ignore StataCorp's need to sell their product. Many of my colleagues have a checklist that a package must satisfy for them to consider using it in teaching. Having the _capability_ to enter commands from a GUI is a must-have for many of them. Stata having that capability opens up a new market, and allows many to compare Stata, SPSS and SAS on a more level playing field, seeing how much easier Stata is to install and maintain (it takes one of our tech professionals hours to deal with the license mgr on Some Alternative Software).

That said, note that the critique

--On 27 February 2003 02:33 -0500 Fred wrote:

 You can't move windows around very easily because of the
demands of the new GUI interface;
is a platform limitation. You have always had this flexibility (and still do) under the MacOS GUI, and the Windows GUI has always imposed some limitations on StataCorp programmers. But that's not to say that StataCorp has not provided the flexibility where the underlying OS APIs allow them to do so. In other cases, they have added features to the Windows GUI that are not present in the Mac version.

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