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Re: st: RE: Stata Windows fonts

From   Roger Harbord <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: Stata Windows fonts
Date   Wed, 26 Feb 2003 17:00:55 -0000

That's done the trick. Thanks Tom!
In the file's new position Windows reveals that the font name is "William, Stata" , which confused me briefly..


--On 26 February 2003 11:08 -0500 "Steichen, Thomas" <> wrote:

Roger Harbord writes (in part):

is there any way I can make the Stata fonts available to other
applications all the time?
Sure, just copy the file statafnt.fon (found in the directory
where you installed Stata) and paste it into your Windows
font directory (the exact name of this directory varies depending
on your version of Windows, but would be something like
c:\WinNT\fonts). To be safe, do NOT move that file... copy it!

Tom Steichen

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