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st: Stata Windows fonts

From   Roger Harbord <>
To   StataList <>
Subject   st: Stata Windows fonts
Date   Wed, 26 Feb 2003 15:52:50 -0000

Non-Windows users please ignore this message..

In order to be able to search my Stata log files, I've taken to storing them as .log (rather than .smcl) and opening them in Notepad. I've just noticed that I can use the Stata fonts within Notepad but only if I've got Stata running at the same time!

I like being able to use the Stata fonts, particularly Stata 5x12 (the default for the Viewer) as it is narrow but readable so I can have a Notepad window with the log alongside another window running whatever application I'm copying the results into. Obviously most of the time I've got Stata open too (but minimised), but for those rare occasions when I haven't, is there any way I can make the Stata fonts available to other applications all the time?

(I notice that the 'SPSS Marker Set' font is always available even though I never use SPSS! I guess someone must have used it on this PC before I took it over.)

I'm using Windows 2000. In case it isn't obvious already, I'm a complete ignoramus about how Windows handles fonts.


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