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Re: st: RE: list in stata8

From   Edwin Leuven <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: list in stata8
Date   Tue, 25 Feb 2003 22:06:58 +0100

> -list- for me is the ideal when I want
> to look at (usually some of) the data,

same here

> and there isn't too much of it. 


i just want to look at my data like you, and generally i don't care too much 
about which part, structure typically repeats itself

so, when i am preparing the data ready for analysis, i perform some operation 
on the data and then hit "l" to check whether i am doing things right (it 
happens that i am not right the first time), and this repeatedly until i 
reached my goal. then i put the *correct* steps in a do-file

typing "l, clean nocompress" is not really handy when i am in this iterative 

so this is why i want the old list back, without sep(5). if i use list in an 
ado i don't mind typing and formatting. but in interactive mode i like to 
type little and get things done quickly

sorry if i bore you guys, but i find the new list defaults very annoying

at the moment i am using a wrapper "ll" but there is this thing about old 
habits and dying...

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