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Re: st: RE: list in stata8

From   Marcello Pagano <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: list in stata8
Date   Tue, 25 Feb 2003 08:02:47 -0500

I agree. I have been using Stata8 for a few weeks now and not found anything that goes slower
on 8 than it did on 7. The 7 equivalent is there. So if you want a quick graph, just use the command
-graph7- and you get everything you had with -graph- in version 7. Technically it is slower because
you have to type that extra "7", but I am not a lawyer. When you compare apples with apples,
8 is just as fast as 7, it seems--maybe even faster.

But, there is so much more in 8. The GUI is great. My students will love it, I am sure. I know,
I know, it is not PC to like easy living, but for those who like stick shifts, you can still buy those
cars, as you can still program in Stata, but the vast majority of drivers buy automatics, and as a
result, driving is much safer. The time series module, though still much too thin in frequency domain
methods, alone is great. Once more interactive help becomes available with the GUI it will be truly

The graphics are well worth waiting for, if you are willing to wait. And wait a little longer, and the
code is being translated as we speak, the graphics will become faster.

Put me down as a happy camper. In my opinion, Stata8 is an improvement over 7. Is there room
for more improvement? Of course. But you need to compare it to what else is out there. I am
quite happy where I am, thank you.

Ronnie Babigumira wrote:

Now that is someone who has really been scared off stata8. On a more serious
note Lee, apart from issues with Graphs, I am quite impressed with stata 8.
I havent experienced problems with the list command (may be due to the fact
that I am currently working with small data sets). And yes, the graphs take
a while, however, imho, when they do come out, they are certainly worth the
wait (I will quickly add that I dont use graphs often).

In a nutshell, you might wanna reconsider (especially with upgrades coming
up every 2 weeks or so, who know, speed may soon be a problem of the past)


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[]On Behalf Of Lee Chuntao
Sent: 25. februar 2003 03:33
Subject: Re: st: RE: list in stata8

Oh My God, I will not upgrade my stata to 8.0 version

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From: "Edwin Leuven" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 25, 2003 1:02 AM
Subject: Re: st: RE: list in stata8

That is indeed a problem if you want to -list-
333,828 observations.

It has never been a problem, so don't ridicule my point

Obviously I just want to look at my data, but I don't want to type l in


or something like this

There is no reason for the speed of list to depend on the size of my data

If I type l, stata should just start spitting out the data

This is what stata 7 did, and this is what stata 8 should do

It's just a buggy implementation of list afaic


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