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Re: st: overlaid dashed lines in kdensity?

From (Jeff Pitblado, Stata Corp.)
Subject   Re: st: overlaid dashed lines in kdensity?
Date   Mon, 24 Feb 2003 09:27:19 -0600

Anders Alexandersson <> asks why typing in an example
from [R] kdensity does not produce the exact same graph as the one shown in
the manual entry:

> The manual [R] kdensity on pages 225 and 226 show three pictures with
> overlaid graphs which include normal and dashed lines by default. I
> was not able to reproduce the dashed lines by typing the commands. For
> example, on top of page 226 with the auto data
> . kdensity weight, epan normal
> does not give a dashed line for Normal density, it gives two normal
> lines (one for Normal density, and one for Kernel density estimate). 
> I'm using Intercooled Stata 8 for Linux on Debian stable (Libranet).
> My adofiles and executable are up-to-date. Can anyone else with Stata
> 8 please confirm or deny the lack of overlaid dashed lines in
> kdensity? I am interested in the programming problem, that's why I
> tried to reproduce the examples in the manual. Thanks in advance,

Scott Merryman <> then replied:

> This looks like a typo in the text.
> kdensity weight, epanechnikov normal normopts( clpat(dash) )
> will produce the normal with a dashed line.

Actually, it's not a typo.  All the graphs in [R] were produced using the
-s1manual- scheme.

If you intend to include a Stata graph in a document (Stata Journal article
perhaps), might I recommend using the Stata Journal scheme.  For example:

	. set scheme sj
	. kdensity weight, epan normal

Will draw the normal density with dashed lines, and the graph will be the
new standard size for the Stata Journal.

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