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Re: st: reshape and variable labels

From   Ricardo Ovaldia <>
Subject   Re: st: reshape and variable labels
Date   Sun, 23 Feb 2003 19:17:01 -0800 (PST)

--- Benoit Dulong <> wrote:
> Before I reshape my data, I do not have any variable
> label.
> After I reshape my data, every variable has a
> variable label.
> Is this normal ?
> Is it possible to reshape and get variables without
> labels ?

I think this is needed for reshape to go back and
forth from wide to long. You need to relabel after the
reshape. One way to do this is with the -foreach-

foreach var of varlist /*
*/ q1x1 q2ax1 q2bx1 q3x1 q4x1 q5ax1 q5bx1 q6x1 fx1 /*
*/ q1x2 q2ax2 q2bx2 q3x2 q4x2 q5ax2 q5bx2 q6x2 fx2 /*
*/ q1x3 q2ax3 q2bx3 q3x3 q4x3 q5ax3 q5bx3 q6x3 fx3 /*
*/ q1x4 q2ax4 q2bx4 q3x4 q4x4 q5ax4 q5bx4 q6x4 fx4 /*
*/ q1x5 q2ax5 q2bx5 q3x5 q4x5 q5ax5 q5bx5 q6x5 fx5 /*
*/ q1x6 q2ax6 q2bx6 q3x6 q4x6 q5ax6 q5bx6 q6x6 fx6 /*
*/ q1x7 q2ax7 q2bx7 q3x7 q4x7 q5ax7 q5bx7 q6x7 fx7 /*
*/ q1x8 q2ax8 q2bx8 q3x8 q4x8 q5ax8 q5bx8 q6x8 fx8 {

rename `var' "`var'"



Ricardo Ovaldia, MS
Oklahoma City, OK

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