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Digression [was: ] Re: st: V.8 chokes on quotes

From   Philippe Glaziou <>
Subject   Digression [was: ] Re: st: V.8 chokes on quotes
Date   Fri, 21 Feb 2003 10:24:41 +0700

Devra Golbe <> wrote:
> Yes-- don't use Word, or any word processor, as a text editor.
> See for some reasons why
> doing so is a bad idea, and for reviews of text editors that
> other Stata users find useful.

See also for some
reasons why using a word processor at all is a bad idea. There is
no need to fork out hundreds of dollars and purchase the latest
vintage of Word, in order to produce good looking documents. The
best typesetting system ever programmed: TeX and its LaTeX set of
macros, can be installed freely on Mac, Windows and Unix

And LaTeX is not boring. 

Philippe Glaziou
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