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st: RE: outreg & addstat

From   [email protected]
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: RE: outreg & addstat
Date   Thu, 20 Feb 2003 16:23:53 -0500

Danielle H. Ferry
> I am trying to add the results of 6 tests & their SE or 
> Prob>F to the table
> created by outreg. I have been playing around w/ variations and cannot
> figure out what is causing my funky results.
> This is my addstat option:
> addstat(Lincom test: waiver+(parity=1*waiver), est1, SE, se1, 
> Lincom test:
> tanf+(parity=1*tanf), est2, SE, se2, F test: 
> popnLn*ttrend1=0, fstat1, Prob
> > F, prob1, F test: popnLn*ttrend2=0, fstat2, Prob > F, prob2, F test:
> state*popnLn*ttrend1=0, fstat3, Prob > F, prob3, F test:
> state*popnLn*ttrend2=0, fstat4, Prob > F, prob4)
> What I get is this:
> Lincom test: waiver+(parity=1*waiver)   0.06
> SE      0.09
> Lincom test: tanf+(parity=1*tanf)       0.31
> SE      0.22
> F test: popnLn*ttrend1=0        0.35
> Prob > F        0.56
> F test: popnLn*ttrend2=0        0.10
> Prob > F        0.75
> F test: state*popnLn*ttrend1=0  37.12
> Lincom test: waiver+(parity=1*waiver)   0.06
> Lincom test: waiver+(parity=1*waiver)   0.06
> Lincom test: waiver+(parity=1*waiver)   0.06
> If I leave out the last 2 tests, then everything looks fine. 
> Perhaps there
> is a limit to the # of statistics that can be added? If so, 
> is there a way
> around this? Any input?

The problem arises because, with 10 or more statistics specified in
addstat(), -outreg- tries to assign values to the macros named


and so on.  But since -outreg- is a version 6.0 program and macro names
under Stata 6 could contain at most 7 characters, when trying to expand the
above macros, Stata sees

	`astnam1'  rather than `astnam10', `astnam11', `astnam12', etc.

This explains why the name and values of your first additional statistic
gets repeated 3 more times towards the end of the output.  The solution is
to replace the following macro names in -outreg-:


and macro name


This can be easily done with a 'find' and 'replace' in a text editor.  (I
have checked and the names astva and astna don't appear anywhere else in
code and so won't interfere with any other macro assignment.)  If you also
change the line

	program define outreg
	program define outreg2

you can then save the file as outreg2.ado and run -outreg2- until John
Gallup possibly updates his module.  I will be emailing John separately,
with additional comments, so he is aware of this.

On a different note, some of you may notice I made a plea yesterday asking
users to please report bugs of user-written commands directly to the author
of a package rather than to the list.  After reading Lee Sieswierda's reply,
I realised that the approach I was advocating worked well for me since I
tend to try to tackle the problem myself and email a possible solution to
the author.  However, for the researcher desperately awaiting a solution in
order to continue their work, this wouldn't work so well.  Getting timely
advice is crucial and this is what the list is for.  Apologies.

Patrick Joly
[email protected]
[email protected]
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