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st: outreg & addstat

From   "Danielle H. Ferry" <>
To   StataList <>
Subject   st: outreg & addstat
Date   Thu, 20 Feb 2003 11:48:22 -0500

I am trying to add the results of 6 tests & their SE or Prob>F to the table
created by outreg. I have been playing around w/ variations and cannot
figure out what is causing my funky results.

This is my addstat option:

addstat(Lincom test: waiver+(parity=1*waiver), est1, SE, se1, Lincom test:
tanf+(parity=1*tanf), est2, SE, se2, F test: popnLn*ttrend1=0, fstat1, Prob
> F, prob1, F test: popnLn*ttrend2=0, fstat2, Prob > F, prob2, F test:
state*popnLn*ttrend1=0, fstat3, Prob > F, prob3, F test:
state*popnLn*ttrend2=0, fstat4, Prob > F, prob4)

What I get is this:

Lincom test: waiver+(parity=1*waiver)   0.06
SE      0.09
Lincom test: tanf+(parity=1*tanf)       0.31
SE      0.22
F test: popnLn*ttrend1=0        0.35
Prob > F        0.56
F test: popnLn*ttrend2=0        0.10
Prob > F        0.75
F test: state*popnLn*ttrend1=0  37.12
Lincom test: waiver+(parity=1*waiver)   0.06
Lincom test: waiver+(parity=1*waiver)   0.06
Lincom test: waiver+(parity=1*waiver)   0.06

If I leave out the last 2 tests, then everything looks fine. Perhaps there
is a limit to the # of statistics that can be added? If so, is there a way
around this? Any input?


Danielle H. Ferry

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