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Re: st: user written ado file

From   "Rajiv Mallick" <>
Subject   Re: st: user written ado file
Date   Wed, 12 Feb 2003 19:00:42 -0600

see whether this works:

find out where is your stata store.  in that directory you would have a
sub-directory "ado".  in "ado" you would have another subdirectory "base".
in "base" you would find bunch of subdirectories....named a b c... you may
place alpha.ado in "a" subdirectory.

and i am sure there are other slicker way of doing it as well... and i do
not know that.

good luck

From: "Kompal Sinha" <>
To: <>
Subject: st: user written ado file
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 11:48:45 +1100

Hi all,
I have written my own ado file in notepad, saved it as alpha.ado in C:\ado
folder as well as stata folder. when I am trying to type the alpha command
its giving the error "unrecognized command: alpha". Whats wrong here??
Please help.

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