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Re: st: RE: Picketing StataCorp

From   "Sarah A. Mustillo" <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: Picketing StataCorp
Date   Wed, 12 Feb 2003 12:53:16 -0500

My contribution to the list:

6. Statacorp decides Nick Cox "knows too much" and whisks him away to some unidentified location with no access to a computer or statalist. How would we solve our problems?

But, seriously, I'd picket just to see what all you people look like!


--On Wednesday, February 12, 2003 12:06 PM -0500 Lee Sieswerda <> wrote:

Well, its bloody cold here in northern Ontario: -29 this morning, about
-40 with the windchill. So if it were a winter thing (the season, I
mean), I guess I could be convinced to picket in Texas for just about
Top Five hypothetical scenarios that would cause the Stata community to
collectively picket StataCorp headquarters:
5. StataCorp gets tired of the whining on Statalist and has the list
deep-sixed under the DMCA
4. Stata is gobbled into either the SPSS or SAS empires and becomes just
another add-on module with a yearly subscription
3. StataCorp decides that printed manuals are for weenies and technophobes
and decides to go exclusively PDF
2. StataCorp decides that command line is too old-school and "updates"
Stata into a fully menu-driven application (Do I feel the slope slipping
from under my feet?)

And the Number One act that would draw angry Stata users from all over the
world to College Station...
(drum roll, please)

1. Bill Gould is replaced by that other Bill G as CEO of StataCorp

Additions to the list are welcome.


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-----Original Message-----
From:	Nick Winter []
Sent:	Wednesday, February 12, 2003 11:32 AM
Subject:	st: Picketing StataCorp

> Like Lee,
> I wouldn't go
> as far as picketing in front of Stata headquarters but
> perhaps I could say
> that a pragmatic module to toggle abbreviations on or off
> would probably
> help me sleep better at night. :)

This raises the question for me:  for what *would* the Stata community,
collectively, be willing to picket StataCorp?  (And remember, it's
really, really hot in Texas.)

-Nick Winter
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