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st: RE: Voronoi diagram ado query

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Voronoi diagram ado query
Date   Wed, 12 Feb 2003 12:54:07 -0000

Kenneth Benoit
> Hi -- I am looking for a Stata package to implement simple 
> two-dimensional Voronoi diagrams/tessellations (also known 
> as Thiessen 
> diagrams).  I have searched all of the usual archives but 
> cannot find 
> any.  Does anyone know of such a package? or has written the code 
> themselves?  Any help much appreciated!

I see there is a website devoted to these 
constructs, discovered or invented again or 
again under different names:

I don't know of anything in Stata. Even given an algorithm 
to construct the polygons, drawing the diagram 
could be tricky. With -graph- (old or new) 
any kind of -connect()- call would have to be 
given the vertices of the polygons in precisely 
the right order to avoid drawing spurious connections. 

But a more pervasive difficulty is that Stata hitherto 
has not supported the data structures or the mapping 
functionality needed for any serious spatial analysis, 
so my guess is that anyone who wanted to do this and 
who loved Stata would nevertheless have done it in 
some other software. Classes in Stata 8 might help 
on data structures but being able to draw maps in 
Stata at all easily is not yet in sight, it seems, 
not that I am requesting or desiring that. 

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