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st: combining bar graphs with common legend

From   Daniel Müller <>
To   "Statalist" <>
Subject   st: combining bar graphs with common legend
Date   Fri, 7 Feb 2003 13:14:31 +0100

In Stata 8, I would like to have two bar graphs next to eachtoher with a
common legend. However, I only manage to associate the legend with either
one or with the other graph. But then the two graphs have unequal size. How
can I put a legend below (optionelly to the left of) both graphs? So far I

graph bar (mean) wricehh00 wricehh90 wricehh80, ///
	ti("Wetland rice") ///
	ytitle("Hectares per household") ///
	legend(off) ///
	name(wricehahh, replace) ///

graph bar (mean) uricehh00 uricehh90 uricehh80, ///
	ti("Upland rice") ///
	ytitle("") ///
	legend(stack col(1) pos(3) lab(1 "2000") label(2 "1990") lab(3
"1980")) ///
	name(uricehahh, replace) /// this graph is smaller due to legend

graph combine wricehahh uricehahh, ///
	ycommon xcommon ///
	name(ricehahh, replace) ///

Thanks a lot in advance, greetings,
--- Daniel ---

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