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st: Discrete time and survival time predict

From   "Yaseen Ghulam" <>
Subject   st: Discrete time and survival time predict
Date   Thu, 06 Feb 2003 17:44:04 -0000

Hi Stata Users,

I am doing survival analysis on persons-months discete time data (with left truncations 
and delayed entry). I am using logit and cloglog framework to estimate the model (which 
I persume is the appropriate way to deal with such type of data). After estimating the 
model, I am interested to predict survival time for each persons in my sample according 
to his/her covariates (fixed and time varying). For example predicted survival time for 
person A with age=42, sex=male, marital status=married and facing regional 
unemployment rate=2.5%. I know that Stephen Jenkins lecture notes about survival 
analysis explaines the procedure and codes to do this for continious time data.
Iwill appreciate if somebody can pointout out the link to any site or provides me codes to 
do this.

Help appreciated.     

Yaseen Ghulam
Lecturer Banking and Finance
Economics Department Locksway Road
Southsea PO4 8JF U.K
Ph: +44 23 9284 

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