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st: Xtlogit: how to build a dataset with event periods

From   Jean-François Godin<>
To   <>
Subject   st: Xtlogit: how to build a dataset with event periods
Date   Tue, 04 Feb 2003 16:08:10 -0500


Iım a new user of stata. I have a dataset giving the beginning and the end
of jobs held by some respondents.  For my research I need to use xtlogit.
Has I understand, it is necessary that I build a dataset indicating if the
individual were in employment for each week.  Here, the weeks are virtual,
i.e. they represent the number of weeks passed since a certain event.


Id Job_Rank   job_beg  job_end

23     1           6      19
23     2           26     57
27     1           3      24
27     2           28     32
27     3           36     68

In SAS with the commands arrays, it is relatively simple to build line
vectors indicating by 0/1 if the respondent had a job during the observed
period (104 weeks).  I donıt think there is an equivalent command in Stata.
In my case, I wish to build a column vector indicating yes/no (0/1) the
individual was in employment on the period observed. Which command do I need
to use in my case and how can I build this type of dataset?

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