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st: RE: one doubt about stata 8 and 7

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: one doubt about stata 8 and 7
Date   Tue, 4 Feb 2003 15:00:41 -0000

Rodrigo Briceno

> I wish to ask something: in case that I can't buy the 
> upgrade to Stata 8,
> which is the politic that STATA will take about the users 
> like me? Can we
> have updates on ados, and updates in executables, etc. for 
> STATA 7? Or
> definitevely we will need to migrate to STATA 8 ?. My best 
> wish is to know
> the new capabilities of the new tool for graphics, but by 
> the moment I can't
> have it.
> It's just a question of general knowdlege.

Stata Corp may well want to comment, but their longstanding
practice is as follows: 

1. You -- or more generally whoever bought it -- have a permanent 
licence to Stata 7. You are entitled to technical support 
so long as you and Stata Corp are both extant. 

2. Stata Corp does not issue updated executables or ado 
updates to any version before the current version. If
you've -update-d your Stata recently, that's it. 

3. Users who produce Stata programs will in some cases 
continue to issue programs which will work with your 
Stata. In the case of graphics, I think that is most 
unlikely. Life is short, and there is no point to 
writing for superseded software. 

4. Statalist of course exists to support users of all 
versions, although the further back you go, the more
difficult it can be to answer your question to your

The Stata website gives lots of examples of the
new graphics. 

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