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st: Graph question: line styles in V7 and V8

From   "Moran, John (NWAHS)" <>
To   "'Statalist (Statalist)'" <>
Subject   st: Graph question: line styles in V7 and V8
Date   Sat, 1 Feb 2003 18:51:22 +1030

Dear Statalisters

These two commands produce "identical" graphs, within the limits of
comparison of Version 7 and Version 8:

vers 7
gr logor fit3b fit3 lnctodds if metan==3 [fw= invvlor], s(oii) c(. l[l]
l[-#-])  yline(0) ylabel(-1(.5).5)/*
*/ xlabel(-2(.5)0.5) 

vers 8
 scatter  logor lnctodds if metan==3 [fw= invvlor],  msymbol(oh i) || line
fit3b lnctodds if metan==3, clpattern( "l") || line fit3 ///
lnctodds if metan==3, clpattern("-#-") yline(0) xlabel(-2(.5)0.5)
ylabel(-1(.5).5) yscale(range(-1 0.5)) xscale(range(-2 0.5))

In _neither_ case does the line for fit3 appear or print as a dashed line as
the legend (in both V7 and V8) suggests it should.

Is anyone able to give guidance on this; I obviously am at a loss

(Message sent in plain text, hopefully the commands are intelligible)

Thanks in advance for suggestions

John moran

John L Moran 
Intensive Care Unit
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
28 Woodville Road Woodville
SA 5011
Tel  61 08 8222 6463
Fax 61 08 8222 6045

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