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This is my whole program:
cap prog drop icc
program define icc, rclass
syntax varlist, results(str)
tempname icchold 

local list "`varlist'"

postfile `icchold' rho lb ub rel N rho_enadj lb_enadj ub_enadj rel_enadj
N_enadj using "`results'",replace
quietly {
	foreach i of varlist `varlist' {
		return local nut_tmp "`i'"		
		loneway `i' studyid 
		return scalar rho_tmp = r(rho)
 		return scalar lb_tmp = r(lb)
		return scalar ub_tmp = r(ub)
		return scalar rel_tmp = r(rho_t)
		return scalar N_tmp = r(N)
		enadjust `i' kilojoules
		loneway `i'res studyid
		return scalar rhores_tmp = r(rho)
 		return scalar lbres_tmp = r(lb)
		return scalar ubres_tmp = r(ub)
		return scalar relres_tmp = r(rho_t)
		return scalar Nres_tmp = r(N)
		post `icchold' (return(rho_tmp)) (return(lb_tmp))
(return(ub_tmp)) (return(rel_tmp)) (return(N_tmp)) (return(rhores_tmp))
(return(lbres_tmp)) (return(ubres_tmp)) (return(relres_tmp))
postclose `icchold' 

use studyid time water-folate using reshaped,clear

icc water-folate, results(icc_cmn) 


Natalie Karavarsamis

Cancer Epidemiology Centre
The Cancer Council Victoria
1 Rathdowne Street
Carlton VIC 3053
ph: (03) 9635 5159
fax: (03) 9635 5330
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