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st: Re: -by- with -binreg-

From   Weihua Guan <>
Subject   st: Re: -by- with -binreg-
Date   Wed, 04 Dec 2002 15:43:46 -0600

--Lee Sieswerda <> wrote,

> For some reason I cannot get -by- to work with -binreg-. I can get around
> the problem using -if-, but according to the manual I should be able to use
> -by-.

and Nick Winter pointed out 

> Looking at the ado code for -binreg-, it seems that -binreg- is a
> wrapper for -glm-, [...]
> you can just call -glm- directly, which does properly support "by
> varlist:".  The (undocumented?) "cmd" option of -binreg- seems to tell
> you the necessary -glm- syntax.

Nick is correct that -binreg- calls -glm- to fit the model, so Lee can
actually use -glm- with -by- prefix to work around.  We will look into
-binreg- and have the problem fixed.

Weihua Guan <>
Stata Corp.

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