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st: Happy summers!

From   Marcello Pagano <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Happy summers!
Date   Thu, 11 Jul 2002 22:15:15 -0400

Message from Nick Cox that for some reason the system rejected.
I fully endorse it. (I have had to unsubscribe a couple of listers


At this time of the year, many people are travelling
and/or going on vacation.

Please note the standard Statalist advice from the FAQ:
2.9 When you go on vacation

Please unsubscribe when going on vacation. Either your mail file may fill up, or your little message telling the list you are on vacation will be broadcast. Both cause problems.
For the full FAQ, please see the second URL below. (In particular, the way to unsubscribe is also
documented in the FAQ, so asking the list how to do this is unnecessary.)
Please note that if you don't do this you are likely to be summarily unsubscribed by our genially ruthless maintainer, Marcello Pagano.
A further request is not to protest to the list
at any violations of this advice: your complaint, although justified, is in turn better kept private. And so on, and so forth.
Nick [email protected]

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