Summary statistics for the current H2O frame


    _h2oframe summarize [columnlist] [if] [in]

columnlist is a list of column names in the H2O frame; see Specifying a list of columns for more information.


_h2oframe summarize stores a variety of univariate summary statistics calculated by H2O in r(). If no columnlist is specified, summary statistics are stored for all the columns in the current H2O frame.


 . sysuse auto
 . _h2oframe put, into(auto)
 . _h2oframe change auto
 . _h2oframe summarize
 . return list
 . _h2oframe summarize mpg weight
 . return list
 . _h2oframe summarize mpg-weight foreign
 . return list
 . _h2oframe summarize mpg-weight foreign if mpg > 25 in 1/50
 . return list

Stored results

 _h2oframe summarize stores the following in r():

   r(k)           number of columns summarized

   r(N)           number of rows in each column summarized
   r(mean)        mean of each column summarized
   r(min)         minimum of each column summarized
   r(max)         maximum of each column summarized
   r(Var)         variance of each column summarized
   r(sd)          standard deviation of each column summarized
   r(sum)         sum of each column summarized