Work with H2O frames

In this entry, we discuss how to manipulate data on the H2O cluster from within Stata. If you are new to the H2O cluster, see Introduction to integration with H2O for more information. When we refer to ``the data’’ in this entry, we are referring to an H2O frame, which is the main object used for data manipulation within the H2O cluster. Note that an H2O frame has no relationship to Stata’s data frame.

H2O frames live on the H2O cluster and do not exist in Stata’s memory. Stata loads data into the H2O cluster and stores the data in the form of an H2O frame. Once the data are stored, all the data manipulation operations on them, such as data generation and replacement, are carried out by H2O instead of by Stata. Users can send requests from within Stata to manipulate and keep track of those frames. Below, we present how this works.

H2O frame functions