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st: simulation: finding the winner, and generating unique values

From   Michael McCulloch <>
Subject   st: simulation: finding the winner, and generating unique values
Date   Fri, 24 May 2013 12:30:58 -0700


* I have three questions related to the following data simulation.
* 1. How can I simulate B so that only unique values of 1-5 are created?
* 2. Is there a more elegant way to code simulation of variable B? 
* 3. How can I identify which variable B had the highest total count of C, within levels of A?

set seed 12358
* simulate A
set obs 20		//create 20 observations
gen 	a=1 in 1/5
replace a=2 in 6/10
replace a=3 in 11/15
replace a=4 in 16/20

* simulate variable: B (values 1-5 sampled without replacement)
gen b=.
replace b=(1 + int(5*runiform())) if a==1 	
replace b=(1 + int(5*runiform())) if a==2 	
replace b=(1 + int(5*runiform())) if a==3 	
replace b=(1 + int(5*runiform())) if a==4 	

* simulate variable: C
gen c1=uniform()	//Generate n (equal chance of 0-1)
	gen c=.
	replace c=0 if c1<0.5
	replace c=1 if c1>=0.5
	drop c1
list, noobs

Best wishes,
Michael McCulloch, LAc MPH PhD

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