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st: biprobit margins formatted with estout

From   "Dimitriy V. Masterov" <>
To   Statalist <>
Subject   st: biprobit margins formatted with estout
Date   Fri, 10 May 2013 12:37:54 -0700

I have two question about how to tweak the following LaTeX table, produced
by Ben Jann's estout (code below):

vote                          &               \\
Pub12 is 0                    &       0.113   \\
                              &[-0.438,0.664]   \\
Pub12 is 1                    &       0.071   \\
                              &[-0.324,0.466]   \\
Observations                  &          95   \\

I would like to remove/alter the row with the variable name vote and
to label the
confidence intervals. Are these things possible? I've been staring at the
advanced LaTeX options in the web documentation, but I can't seem to figure
this one out.

Here's the code that produced the table:

webuse school, clear;
biprobit (private = years loginc vote i.pub12) (vote = year loginc logptax
), robust;

estpost margins, dydx(vote) predict(pmarg1) over(pub12) force;
eststo biprobit, title("AME");

estout biprobit using biprobit.tex,
prehead("\begin{table}" "\caption{@title}" "\begin{center}"
"\begin{tabular}{l*{@M}{rr}}" "\hline\hline")
postfoot("\hline\hline" "\end{tabular}" "\end{center}" "\end{table}")
cells(b(star fmt(3)) ci(par fmt(3)))
stats(N, fmt(%12.0fc) label("Observations"))
label collabels(none) varwidth(30) nonumbers
varlabels(0.pub12 "Pub12 is 0" 1.pub12 "Pub12 is 1")
mlabels(, span prefix(\multicolumn{@span}{c}{
) suffix(}))
replace style(tex);
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